In Senegal, food security and women’s empowerment go hand in hand

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Senegal’s nutrition policy is at a crossroads. Reaching a critical moment where the effects of malnutrition could have a detrimental effect on generations of young Senegalese to come, the Government of Senegal is striving to make efforts to address the root problems of malnutrition. However, if these actions are taken without a conscious effort bolster the key role of women in nutrition, the country may not succeed in stymieing stunting and malnutrition in the country.

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Deadline: 08-Apr-2017 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.) PPPs

This activity is to support the Government of Senegal to conduct the preliminary assessment of the potential for PPP (i) in the urban transport in the Greater Dakar Area and (ii) in the road sector throughout the country through the rapid assessment of the characteristics of the urban transport sector and the national road networks, existing legal, institutional and administrative framework, current urban transport and road management systems, travel demands, traffic volumes, vehicle fleets, expected traffic growth, etc. It is expected that the result of the assessment will serve to inform government decisions with regard to the development of PPP projects, and as such, will be followed by a more detailed assessment of the financial viability of the candidate projects for implementation. This means the scope of work shall also include recommendations on sequencing and the required actions to strengthen the enabling environment, in order to prepare the field for the next steps.

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eC2: GAFSP Poverty Assessments

Deadline: 28-Mar-2017 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.) IFC and the Dutch

IFC is looking for a Consultant to help assess the impact of two GAFSP/IFC projects in Tanzania/Senegal , investments in two banks in Tanzania/Senegal to support their agriculture finance business. These are two separate, stand-alone, assessments. The reason they are included in this same selection is that IFC prefers to have one Consultant conduct both assessments given that they are in the same country. The methodology is expected to be quasi-experimental design with quantitative and qualitative data collection. The Consultant is expected to have extensive experience in conducting impact evaluations in the agribusiness sector in developing countries.
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eC2:Technical Assistance to the Ministry of Water and Sanitation (Senegal) to improve sanitation services delivery in small towns

Deadline: 21-Feb-2017 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

waste water treament

Pour être éligible, le candidat doit disposer de compétences avérées en matière détudes de définition de stratégie dassainissement dans les gros centres ruraux ou les petites villes, incluant lélaboration des schémas directeurs jusquà la réalisation des études techniques détaillées et la production des dossiers dappels doffres en vue de la réalisation des travaux. Les membres de léquipe de consultants choisie devront justifier chacun au moins de deux expériences concluantes en matière de projets similaires, particulièrement appliquées aux populations sénégalaises ou ouest-africaines. La gestion détudes sur des populations rurales de grande taille est aussi essentielle.

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eConsultant2: Solar Resource Measurement Campaig

Deadline: 31-May-2016 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

scaling+solar+main+bannerThe Scaling Solar program (see aims to accelerate the roll-out of competitively priced, utility-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) power in Sub-Saharan Africa through a coordinated, packaged and largely standardised joint World Bank Group (World Bank, IFC, and MIGA) solution based on a templated Public Private Partnership (PPP) transaction. To date, three countries have signed up to the program and more countries are expected to follow shortly.
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eConsultant2: Design of RBF Mechanism for Solid Waste Management in Mauritania and Senegal

Deadline: September 29.

The objective of this activity financed by solid wasteGPOBA and implemented by the World Bank Urban team is to design results-based financing (RBF) or output-based aid (OBA) mechanisms, provide related policy, investment and institutional enhancement recommendations that are necessary to improve the performance of solid waste management in each cities. A particular focus of this activity will be to identify solutions approaches that improve access to sound solid waste services to poor households. The countries where the work is planned are Mauritania and Senegal. Continue reading

Senegal – Stormwater Management and Climate Change Adaptation Project (AF)

The World Bank Board of Directors has approved additional financing for the Senegal Stormwater Management and Climate Change Adaptation Project. The additional financing amounts to a total of $38 million, of which $35 million is provided by the World Bank.

The proposed project will improve stormwater drainage and flood prevention in peri-urban Dakar for the benefit of local residents. The specific goal of the additional financing is to improve flood prevention management in peri-urban areas of Dakar and to promote city sustainability management practices, including climate resilience, in two selected urban areas.
This is to be achieved through the following components:

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Senegal – Urban Water and Sanitation Project

The World Bank Board of Directors has approved the Senegal Urban Water and Sanitation Project, worth a total of $70 million and benefiting 590,000 people.

The proposed Project Development Objective (PDO)Senegal-Woman-at-Well-800 is to improve access to water and sanitation services in selected urban areas in a financially sustainable manner. This goal is to be achieved through the following three components:

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Consultant for sea water desalination PPP project in Senegal

The Government of Senegal (GoS) is considering a public private partnership (PPP) to increase the provision of clean water supply in the country, through the development of a sea water desalination plant with a production capacity of up to 100,000 cubic meters per day (the Project). To that effect, GoS has requested the assistance of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to act as lead advisor for the Project.

The assignment will be executed in two main phases: 1) due diligence and transaction structuring; 2) tendering and selection of the private partner.

See full tender here:1180110-senegal-consultant-for-sea-water-desalination-ppp-project

Expression of Interest Deadline:  07-May-2015 at 11:59:59 PM (EST)

eConsultant2 website:

Tender notification: # 1180110

Assignment Countries:

• Senegal