Coming out of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Doing business with the International Financial Institutions (IFI’s) / Multilateral Development Banks (MDB’s)

After a bit of a break we are excited to share this latest Newsletter with you and reintroduce image8326522ourselves!

We hope all of you got through the COVID-19 pandemic safely and well. Although, life is getting back to (the new) normal, travel is still somewhat difficult and many offices are not fully open yet.

The World Bank Group Headquarters is currently at 50% capacity and slowly opening up to visitors again, the recent Spring Meetings were still held in a hybrid format. Nonetheless, business must go on albeit via email/Zoom/Teams etc.

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Introducing: Team International Organizations (RVO)

Every year, international organizations spend billions of euros on projects in developing countries and emerging markets. This results in tenders and assignments that could be interesting for the Dutch private sector. Team International Organizations (TIO) of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) supports Dutch companies whom are interested in knowing more about doing business with the IFIs. TIO is focused solely on organizations the Netherlands is a shareholder or member of: Asian Development Bank, African Development Band, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, European Union, European Investment Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, United Nations, and World Bank Group.

TIO functions as the first point of contact for Dutch companies. We can put you in contact with the IFIs, give information on how the different international organizations function, on how to be effective at doing business with these organizations, and the opportunities that could be relevant for your company. Other services that are provided are seminars, webinars, trade missions, individual and group tracks.

Discover what RVO/TIO can do for you: video.

Through TIO companies have access to a broad network of contacts and organizations. On a daily basis, we work together with the PSLO liaison network of the World Bank Group, The Netherlands Embassy in Washington D.C. liaison officers Esther Smith and Vincent Kooijman as well as the different Ministries and Dutch embassies worldwide.

Meet the World Bank Group team of TIO:

Interested in TIO’s work? Contact us for more information via

Doing business with the World Bank Group

The Dutch Embassy in Washington D.C. and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency have doing businessorganized a webinar series ‘Doing business with the World Bank’. The series started with a kick-off on 6 October. Koen Davidse, Executive Director at the Constituency Office at the World Bank Group, and Jan de Boer, Advisor to the Executive Director, gave presentations on the topic. Central theme of the first webinar was the World Bank COVID-19 response and its impact on its operations.

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What do we know about the relationship between air pollution and COVID-19?

The global COVID-19 lockdown to contain the spread of the virus has severely restricted economic activity, and reports are emerging from across the globe of blue skies becoming visible, in some cases for the first time in people’s lifetime. These improvements will likely dissipate as lockdowns are lifted, and economic activity resumes. Will the air once again become polluted, or is there a possibility for countries to use economic recovery programs to grow back stronger and cleaner? Discover in our latest analysis!

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Newsletter September 2019: Aid & Trade

NL4WorldBank Newsletter edition of the newsletter is out! Untitled

The newsletter ‘Aid & Trade‘ opens with the success story of Dutch company Philips.

Royal Philips has been working with the World Bank Group for over a decade joining forces on important projects like the human capital index and along with its industry peers has been invited by the World Bank to provide input on a guidance document for the Bank’s clients on understanding how to procure medical diagnostic imaging equipment.

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency (

August 1st the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( launched the new and improved RVOwebsite. This is part of a bigger communication strategy to provide more information and increase awareness of Dutch entrepeneurs/businesses and Netherlands Enterprise Agency activities. Through practical stories and interviews with the Dutch Network abroad and RVO, entrepreneurial successes are communicated using online platforms YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and online Dutch news paper Financieel Dagblad, around the world.

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