eC2: Study of Private Sector Development and Circular Economy

Deadline: 25-Feb-2019 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

This firm consultancy will explore how inclusive and green growth can be supported climatethrough strengthened value chains and circular economy (CE) approaches, specifically among poor people and communities and achieve outcomes that promote poverty reduction, enhanced welfare and create new and expanded employment opportunities, eg green jobs.

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FRIDAY:World Bank Live Stream Africa

Interested in learning more about Health Coverage and the Role of the Private Sector in Africa? Follow the live stream FRIDAY which includes speaker World Bank President Jim Kim, Japan President Shinzo Abe, President of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta.

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eConsultant2: Evaluation of IFC Private Sector Devt Program in South Sudan

The final project evaluation will provide an International_Finance_Corporation_Logoassessment of the design and delivery of the South Sudan PSD Program, assessing whether the Program achieved intended results and impacts. The evaluation will also provide learnings from experience to improve future design of PSD programs in conflict and fragile states like South Sudan. The evaluation will be conducted in line with the OECD Development Assistance Committees principles of evaluation. This tender is for an individual consultant, not a firm. Continue reading

eConsultant2: One Stop Shop Creation to Accelerate Business Entry in Colombia

The overall objective of the Regional Business Entry Project in Colombia is to accelerate the sustainable business entry of companies into Colombia.

This assignment seeks to streamline procedures (e.g. including labor and social insurance registration, commercial registries, notary registries, operating licenses and tax registries) involved in registering a business, creating a comprehensive single registry (Registro Único Integral) and design a business one-stop shop under e-solutions that unify the necessary processes nationwide for the creation of companies in Colombia.
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