eC2: Targeted Assistance to Building EU Export Capacity for Moldovan producers of agro-food products

Deadline:  26-Jul-2017 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)ml-can-a-nation-build-its-future-if-it-cannot-feed-its-children-five-policy-actions-to-transform-crop-and-livestock-farming-in-mali-780x439

The main objective of this program is to support Moldovan agri-food companies in establishing a sustainable export position on international/EU markets through targeted assistance in meeting EU market requirements, delivery of knowledge of the European markets, as well as providing opportunities for entering these markets.

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eC2:Sustainable Energy Finance trainings/workshops and capacity building programs for FIs

Deadline:  26-Jul-2017 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.) solar-energy

Based on a number of discussions over the past year, both the WBG/IFC and the BEE agree that there is a lack of awareness amongst Indian banks and non-banking financial institutions on the energy efficiency financing needs of the industry (particularly the MSME customer segments). To build greater knowledge and confidence through training programs within the financial sector on providing sustainable financing for energy efficiency initiatives for MSEs, supporting FIs in their understanding of EE Financing and on leveraging the risk-sharing facilities setup by the Government of India, the IFC/ WBG and the BEE; the team is seeking a Consultant Firm. The Consultant will work with the WBG/IFC team (working under the Eu-IFC EcoCities project),and with BEE. Following are the expected deliverables.

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eC2: Malawi National Electrification Strategy

Deadline:  01-Aug-2017 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)India Energy

The objective of the proposed activity is to prepare a National Electrification Strategy (NES) for Malawi along with an NES implementation plan to support the national electricity access agenda. The NES will lay out the technical, institutional, and financial pathway to achieve Malawi’s access vision. The World Bank is seeking expressions of interest for conducting the activity. Interested firms are requested to submit the same highlighting their qualifications for undertaking the assignment based on the required criteria.

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eC2: Multi-stakeholder platform for knowledge sharing on access solutions for innovative medicines

Deadline:  03-Aug-2017 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.) medical-appointment-doctor-healthcare-clinic-health-hospital-medicine[7]

The initial scope and purpose of the multi-stakeholder platform for knowledge sharing on access solutions for innovative medicines (henceforth, the Platform) will be to develop and share knowledge and tools for smarter decision making on access strategies for patented medicines for NCDs, through a collaborative approach. The Platform will leverage the pharmaceutical industry’s capacity for developing innovative access solutions and the World Banks role as a strategic long term partner for developing countries and its convening power, to create a reference policy and implementation framework and decision-making tools for maximizing reach of new treatments for populations that typically would not have access to patented medicines, ultimately driving uptake of voluntary access strategies in developing countries.

The Platforms work will be structured along four activities: Activity I: Catalog and evaluate existing medicines access programs. Activity II: Co-create new evidence for smarter decision making in the LMICs context, using a using modeling exercise in which “good practice” access strategies are developed for different types of medicines (hypothetical molecules) in different markets. Activity III: Develop a compendium of good practices for access strategies. Activity IV: Support dissemination and use of results

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eC2: Assessment and Economic Valuation of Coastal Protection Services Provided by Mangroves

Deadline:  25-Jul-2017 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.) th

The services included in the study are to be conducted in accordance with generally accepted international standards and professional practices acceptable to the Gov of Jamaica and the World Bank. The scope of work is understood to cover all activities necessary to accomplish the objectives of the consultancy, whether or not a specific activity is cited in these Terms of Reference. Physical measurements of mangrove ecosystems are essential to provide the basis for an analysis of habitat quality, ecosystem service provisioning and habitat risk assessment. These measures could also contribute to an evaluation of the explicit role of nature within the disaster risk equation, and thus help point to the role that nature has in mediating societal vulnerability and how nature can help reduce climate and disaster risk. The activity will select contrasting sites with different physical, ecological, social and governance characteristics to conduct specific measurements of mangroves habitats and evaluate their role in coastal disaster risk reduction.

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eC2: Port Sudan Water Supply: Water resource management at Arbaat dam

Deadline: 01-Aug-2017 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.) water

The State Water Corporation (SWC) for Red Sea State manages water supply for the city of Port Sudan. The city relies on two critical sources Arbaat Dam (which is under threat from siltation) and Arbaat well field. A new well field at Moj is also a potential source. This assignment aims to generate high quality data on the following: At Arbaat Dam & At Arbaat and Moj Wellfields. Outputs: A water resource monitoring report that includes a model of the sediment dynamics of the main catchment area (by Sep 2018). On-the-job-training and training manual for technical staff at SWC with responsibilities for the managing water resources for Port Sudan water supply (by Jun 2018)

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eC2: Cumulative impacts of hydropower in the Kuri-Gongri River in Bhutan

Deadline:  03-Aug-2017 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.) HYDRO

The consultancy services will involve a study on cumulative impacts of hydropower in Kuri-Gongri River Basin. An inventory of all major water uses will be conducted for the Kuri-Gongri River basin in Bhutan, which hosts almost half of the total hydropower potential of Bhutan. This will include the use for hydropower, agriculture, water supply, as well as for environment, social and cultural purposes. Cumulative impacts of water uses and infrastructure development will be studied and quantified. The assignment will be conducted on a rapid basis during a period of nine months starting from October 2017. The estimated work input is 120 staff weeks of which at least 30% should be local expertise.

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Vietnam, World Bank and the Netherlands to cooperate on food safety


Attached a picture of Ousmane Dione and Nathan together with the Prime Ministers Phuc of Vietnam and Rutte of the Netherlands this Monday at the Catshuis (local equivalent of the White House) in The Hague, signing a trilateral MoU regarding collaboration on food safety. A spin-off under the WBG-NL Food for All Partnership. Great work by the Country Office and the Dutch Embassy Hanoi.

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New World Bank Group Facility to Enable more than $1 billion for Women Entrepreneurship

HAMBURG, Germany, July 8, 2017—On the occasion of the G20 leaders’ summit, the nasikiliza-unleashing-the-potential-of-women-entrepreneurs-in-africa-feature-780x439World Bank Group today announced the creation of an innovative new facility that aims to enable more than $1 billion to advance women’s entrepreneurship and help women in developing countries gain increased access to the finance, markets, and networks necessary to start and grow a business.

The United States initiated the idea for the facility and will serve as a founding member along with other donor countries.

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