When in town for the WB, think about the IDB!

The IDB has offices in all 26 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean where it finances programs and projects. That is the big difference with the World Bank, which is active in almost every country in the world. But the fact that the IDB focuindexses on a smaller market could be beneficial for your company. Projects that work in one country, most likely will work in the other as well. This means that when you are succesful you are likely to be known in the market. The IDB is open to new innovative ideas but like the World Bank, experience in the countries you want to be active in is very important when trying to win tenders. We would also suggest your company contacts the local offices to find out more about the pipeline of projects before wanting to meet with IDB representatives. When you are in town send us an email and we can discuss visiting the IDB. Below a short description of the IDB and examples of tenders within the Energy and Water sector.

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