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Accessing and finding tenders are one of the most time consuming activities when trying to work with financial institutions like the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). That is why the IDB has created the ConnectAmericas platform. The platform not only allows you to see the IDB tenders but also tenders from other Latin American & Caribbean companies who are looking for overseas partners.REDES SOCIALES BID

With the slogan “Take the world with your hands”, the goal of the platform is to foster the internationalization of companies, in particular Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) by providing contacts, content (tenders), and financing options.

How does it work? Discover the three service areas.

ConnectAmericas offers 3 service areas to its users: With the goal of helping small and medium businesses(SMEs) in Latin America and the Caribbean to expand their markets, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) launched the platform ConnectAmericas. The initiative is the first interactive social network for businesses in Latin America and the Caribbean, where clients, suppliers and investors from all over the world can connect with each other, gain access to information and training on how to conduct international transactions, and obtain information about financing opportunities available in each country. SMEs are the essence of the economies of Latin America and the Caribbean: they represent 90% of companies and are responsible for over 50% of jobs. ConnectAmericas offers its users access to industry-specific professional communities where they can connect with potential clients, suppliers and investors, which are recommended according to the preferences expressed by users in their profiles. ConnectAmericas takes both reputation and transparency seriously. To this end, the site verifies users and allows them to comment and rate each other as per their commercial interactions.

ConnectAmericas offers its users practical information designed to improve their knowledge of international trade. These resources include articles, interactive databases, blogs, videos, online courses, and news channels, which provide users with the most recent trends in industries where users have formed communities. Currently, these communities cover the global services and food industries, and a community for the infrastructure sector will be added soon.

ConnectAmericas offers its users information about financing options for international trade and investment in their countries of interest. This includes information about products offered by local banks, as well as services offered by the IDB to SMEs, including: (i) direct financial and technical assistance from the Inter-American Investment Corporation and the Multilateral Investment Fund; and (ii) government programs supported by the public sector windows of the IDB.

The platform is free for all users. Sign up here and test the platform.

Please let us know what your experiences are and if you have any suggestions on how to make the platform more user friendly.

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