eC2: GAFSP Uganda Poverty Assessment

Deadline: 05-Aug-2017 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

IFC is looking for a Consultant to help assess the impact of an investment project in logo_ifcUganda, financed by IFC and the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program.

The project is expected to be a senior loan to a bank in Uganda focused on the micro and small market segments. The purpose of the project is to support the expansion of the banks lending program to micro enterprises owned by women and in the agriculture sector.

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eC2: Targeted Assistance to Building EU Export Capacity for Moldovan producers of agro-food products

Deadline:  26-Jul-2017 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)ml-can-a-nation-build-its-future-if-it-cannot-feed-its-children-five-policy-actions-to-transform-crop-and-livestock-farming-in-mali-780x439

The main objective of this program is to support Moldovan agri-food companies in establishing a sustainable export position on international/EU markets through targeted assistance in meeting EU market requirements, delivery of knowledge of the European markets, as well as providing opportunities for entering these markets.

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Dairy Supply Chain Development – Pakistan

International Finance Corporation (IFC) has allocated funding to carry out the consulting assignment to support IFCs project in Punjab Province, Pakistan with the following objectives: Provide support to a selected group of medium size dairy farmers in improving their technical skills, and increase milk productivity levels in terms of quantity per milking animal, and quality of milk produced.

IFC is interested in hiring an international consulting firm, with global expertise in the dairy sector. More specifically, the selected firm should enjoy long standing experience in the area of developing technical content, financial models for dairy farming, and also in conducting farmers support, and training activities in developing countries. This will include group training event, and one-on-one specific engagements, and advice.

See full tender here: Dairy Supply Chain Development – Pakistan

Expression of Interest Deadline: 21 February 2015

Fake Seeds Study – Kenya

One of the objectives of the Kenya Agribusiness IC Program is to support the enactment of competitive seed regulations in Kenya in order to unlock private sector led growth of the seed sector. The prevalence of fake seeds has negative consequences on competition in the industry as genuine seed proprietors shy away from the market, and farmers are disillusioned by the low value to their farming operation of the use of improved seed. It is therefore critical to assess the extent of faking of seeds in Kenya in order to be able to design effective interventions to reduce or completely eliminate fake seeds.

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