eC2: Technical Consultant – Jamaica Solid Waste – Options Analysis

solid wasteDeadline:  30-Apr-2018 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

Objective: The objective of the assignment is for the Technical Consultant to assist IFC in its work for Phase 0 Options Analysis. The Technical Consultant will analyse the main aspects of the project, including assessment of the appropriate form of private sector participation, defining the options for an integrated waste management plan for the entire island, quantifying the cost of such options, identifying the main regulatory and legal requirements for its implementation and together with IFC assess the market interest in the proposed options. The recommended options shall be in line with IFC Environmental and Social Performance Standards that will be made available to the Consultant as part of their work. Should the GoJ decide to proceed with the implementation of the proposed options, the next phase will advance with the structuring of the PPP transaction and drafting of the technical and applicable commercial terms for the tender documents, including the PPP contract, negotiations with bidders, and supporting the implementation the tender process.

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eC2: Assessment and Economic Valuation of Coastal Protection Services Provided by Mangroves

Deadline:  25-Jul-2017 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.) th

The services included in the study are to be conducted in accordance with generally accepted international standards and professional practices acceptable to the Gov of Jamaica and the World Bank. The scope of work is understood to cover all activities necessary to accomplish the objectives of the consultancy, whether or not a specific activity is cited in these Terms of Reference. Physical measurements of mangrove ecosystems are essential to provide the basis for an analysis of habitat quality, ecosystem service provisioning and habitat risk assessment. These measures could also contribute to an evaluation of the explicit role of nature within the disaster risk equation, and thus help point to the role that nature has in mediating societal vulnerability and how nature can help reduce climate and disaster risk. The activity will select contrasting sites with different physical, ecological, social and governance characteristics to conduct specific measurements of mangroves habitats and evaluate their role in coastal disaster risk reduction.

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eC2: Specialty Foods Distribution in Jamaica

Deadline: 07-Jun-2017 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

IFC is implementing a project in Jamaica in partnership with the European Union, working with small and medium enterprises to create stronger links with export markets. As part of a strategy to access the U.S., Canadian and EU markets, IFC is seeking a Specialty Foods Distribution Firm (the Consultant) to identify and secure distribution opportunities as well as provide technical support to the firms in structuring its operations to meet the needs of the target markets on a sustained basis.The Consultant will work closely with Jamaican manufacturing firms to promote the flavors of the cuisine to these channels, U.S. Chefs and distributors. As part of the assignment, the Consultant will focus on (i) working with firms to develop a strategy to enter markets with a brand that is positioned to sell its products to mainstream consumers in everyday categories; (ii) educate firms on how to do business with sophisticated buyers; and (iii) facilitate transaction sales in the identified markets.

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eConsultant2: JM National Guidelines for Coastal Management and Beach Restoration

Deadline: 14-Apr-2016 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

This activity is expected to contribute to strengthening the Governments program to watermodernize and transform its public sector in its Vision 2030 Jamaica development objectives, which identifies Sustainable Management and Use of Natural and Environmental Resources, Hazard Risk Reduction and Adaptation to Climate Change and Sustainable Urban and Rural Development as key outcomes.
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A New Approach to Cities: Everyone Counts

Featured story on the World Bank website, October 29, 2015. Click here to go to WB page.

What does it mean to make a city inclusive?

For Bui Thi Mai in Ho Chi Mihn City, Vietnam, it means a clean, safe street so her business can grow and prosper.India building

“The alley was so narrow that only one motorbike could get in,” she said. “There was no drainage so it was often flooded, making garbage float and mosquitos breed. It was unsafe for our health. There were few streetlights, allowing criminals to hide in dark corners. Running my business is much easier because the street is cleaner and safer. Trucks can carry goods to my door. More shops and restaurants are opening along this big street.”

For Esperanza Choquehuanca, it means participating in community-driven development that brought running water, paved roads, street lighting, sports areas and a community house to her neighborhood on the outskirts of La Paz, Bolivia.

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Jamaica – Improving Climate Data and Information Management Project

On July 28 the Board of Directors of the World Bank will be processing the Improving Climate Data and Information Management Project for Jamaica. This will be done on an Absence of Objection basis, with the project expected to be adopted without trouble.

The project involves a total of $7.5 million in support of the meteorological data gathering, of which $6.8 million is provided by the World Bank. The goal of the project is to improve the quality and use of climate related data and information for effective planning and action at local and national levels.

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