Webinar April 23, 2020 | 9am EST: Launch of Aqueduct Floods: The Future of Flooding: Explore Risks and Opportunities (by WRI/World Bank/NL Embassy)


Flooding is among the most serious and dangerous of all global risks, causing loss of life and damage to property, livelihoods and economies. Climate change is expected to intensify flooding in the coming decades, while economic growth and urbanization place more people and property in flood-prone areas. Despite these dangers, flood risks are often underestimated and poorly managed due to lack of transparent, accurate data on current levels of flood protection, both in developing and developed countries.

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Annual Embassy Klompen Cup

Every year at the end of spring as the summer is about to be upon us the Netherlands Embassy World Bank Group and Inter-American Development Bank Liaisons organize the annual networking event “Klompen Cup” (Pictures).  It is a street soccer 4-on-4 tournament, 10 minute games played right outside the embassy.  We assemble teams with (Dutch) colleagues from the respective institutions; WB, IFC, IADB, and IMF to compete for the coveted “Klompen Cup”. IMG_2815.JPG

The tournament is not only for the soccer-addicts – everyone is invited, and even encouraged, to join in. We welcome anyone as a player, but spectators are very much welcome as well. Extra incentives to support a team (or to just watch a few games) are the drinks and snacks served on the second level of the parking garage, overlooking the playing field as well as the ample opportunity to network with Dutch staff from the different institutions.

We thought that this year we would share the pictures with you…and if you are ever in Washington, D.C. at the end of May / beginning of June let us know!

Vincent & Stephanie




Gauging interest for Ghana Water Mission

The Netherlands Embassy in Accra, Ghana and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency are watercontemplating a Dutch Water sector trade-mission to Ghana this year. The goal of the mission is to facilitate contacts between the Ghana and the Dutch Water sector.

The mission is only meant for Dutch companies therefor the information available is only in Dutch. To read more click here. 

If you have any questions please email us.