Poorest, most vulnerable countries likely to be hit hardest from coronavirus

Democratic Republic of Congo. World Health Organisation.World Bank Group teams around the world remain focused on country-level and regional solutions to address the ongoing crisis. In this piece, President David Malpass highlights the progress the Bank Group has made in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Related: The World Bank’s Managing Director for Development Policy and Partnerships, Mari Pangestu, shares her thoughts on how the world’s poorest will face the pandemic. The fight against COVID-19 requires concerted international effort, she wrote. “Going it alone will hurt the poorest and most vulnerable countries.”

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Let’s work together to prevent violence and protect the vulnerable against fragility

crowd_ffLast week, in a gathering of governments and organizations at the World Bank-hosted 2018 Fragility Forum, the international community took an important step forward in fighting fragility by sharpening our understanding of it, hearing directly from those affected by it and thinking collectively through what we must do to overcome it.

We all agreed, acting on a renewed understanding of fragility and what it means to vulnerable communities represents an urgent and collective responsibility. We’ve all seen the suffering. In places like Syria, Myanmar, Yemen and South Sudan, the loss of life, dignity and economic prosperity is rife. With more than half of the world’s poor expected to live in fragile settings by 2030, we can’t end poverty unless we promote stability, prosperity, and peace in these places ravaged by conflict and crisis.

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