eC2: Insights in the business case for non-financial services to Women-owned SMEs – FMO -IFC Research

Deadline: 17-Jan-2019 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)women-finance-blogpost

Assignment Description

1. Gain insights into the banks business case for offering non-financial services (NFS) to SMEs broadly and in particular to women-SMEs and its impact on FI business growth and sustainability.

2. Understand how entrepreneurs usage of non-financial services offered by financial institutions (i) have an impact on the businesses as well as on family in the case of women entrepreneurs and (ii) how it translates into portfolio expansion and enhanced quality, business growth and profitability for the financial institution.

3. The study will include review of a broad set of banks and financial institutions that serve SMEs to capture practices that have been successful for SMEs in general which can be adapted and applied to benefit women SMEs/womens markets.

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FMO & IFC Partnership to Mainstream Resource Efficiency in Building Construction

Original article published by FMO on June 4th on the FMO Website.

A New Partnership between FMO and IFC to Help Mainstream Resource Efficiency in Building Construction

FMO signed a partnership Memorandum of Understanding with IFC, International Finance Corporation to encourage emerging markets to mainstream resource-efficient building construction with the EDGE (“Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies”) certification system.

An innovation of IFC, EDGE shows Signing+EDGEproperty developers how fast and affordable it is to construct resource-efficient buildings, enabling them to pass value directly to building owners and tenants. The complimentary EDGE software can be used to determine the viability of a project at the design stage, leading to a set of solutions that reduce energy, water, and the energy used to make building materials by at least 20 percent.

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Steward Redqueen / NABC Event: Managing and measuring impact; the private sector in Africa

Information retrieved from the Steward Redqueen website.

Steward Redqueen invites you for the Africa Business Club.The event will take place on Thursday 23 April 2015 in Amsterdam.

The theme of the event is ‘Managing and measuring impact; the private sector in Africa’. In recent years we have seen a positive trend emerge of companies increasingly measuring their societal impact in Africa. On the one hand this helps companies obtain, maintain and strengthening their license to operate on the other hand these impact assessments help identify new business opportunities.

Two of our business partners will talk about this. First Jacco Knotnerus (FMO) will share FMO’s experience with managing and measuring impact of its investments. Subsequently Suzanne Vlakveld (Dadtco) will talk about Dadtco’s impact in their value chain.

The programme will start around 16:00, will take place at the KIT (Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen) and we’ll finish around 17:30 with drinks.

If you are a member of the NABC you can subscribe here, if you’re not a member and want to subscribe please send an email to