Ending Malnutrion in Rwanda

The following Dutch representatives of the Africa Improved Foods Program are interviewed by CNBC.

Feike Sijbesma (Royal DSM) minute 2.36
Linda Broekhuizen (FMO) minute 3.28
Anup Jagwani (IFC) minute 4.14

Amid difficulties and setbacks attributable to civil wars, poverty and the underlying prolonged drought. Rwanda eyes ending malnutrition, stunting and infant mortality through public-private partnership with Africa Improved Foods, Royal DSM, FMO Dutch development bank, IFC, World Food Programme, the World Bank Group and more. A report on Rwanda by WFP shows that stunting in five year olds dropped to 36.7 per cent in 2015, from 43 per cent in 2012.

Africa Improved Foods  Rwanda is a product of a joint venture of four international partners: Royal DSM, FMO, DFID and the International Finance Corporation (IFC). According to Ndayiragije, the plant intends to reach more than one million people this year, creating over 300 direct jobs and working with over 9,000 local farmers in the process. “At AIF, we strive to maximize the positive social, economic and environmental impact on the communities in which we operate.” “We are proud to be supported by a unique coalition of committed partners to produce international quality and nutritious foods in Africa and our commitment will create jobs and provide income to local farmers,” Ndayiragije continued.