eConsultant2: Framework Agreement for PPP Rapid Support Assessments

PPIAF has supported the delivery of rapid needs assessments (RNA) for PPP enabling environments since 2011. The rapid support framework (RSF) expands on the support offered under the RNA activities and seeks to respond to increasing client government requests for just-in-time support and technical advice on PPP programs.

The objective of the Consulting Assignment is to assist client governments in developing and implementing their PPP programs. The assignment may include some or all of the following assistance for selected countries: i) conducting a rapid diagnostic of the PPP enabling environments to identify gaps impeding the development of PPP programs; ii) developing and prioritizing a PPP project pipeline; and iii) developing a business case for 1-2 pilot project(s).
The Consulting Assignment will cover the following regions: Sub-Saharan Africa, East Asia and the Pacific, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, South Asia, Latin American, and the Middle East and North Africa. It is expected that 60% of the assignment will take place in Africa, with the remaining 40% distributed among the other regions (rest of the world).

The Consulting Assignment is expected to run until June 2017, subject to an option to extend for an additional year.

The World Bank now invites eligible consultants to indicate their interest for inclusion in an Indefinite Delivery Agreement (IDA)/ Framework Agreement for the provision of services. The World Bank Group is not obligated to award a minimum volume of service to the Consultant under the Framework Agreement. Specific Service will be contracted via a Task Order directly based on demand from client governments. When a client request is received and requirements are defined, task order will be awarded after a short competitive selection in eConsultant2 between the firms that were awarded the framework agreements. In order to meet the assignments objective of providing rapid support to client governments, the firm selected to perform the Task Order will be requested to mobilize within 10 business days of the selection.

Interested consultants must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services. Consultants may specify the region(s) they would be best suited to implement the assignment in, based on the proposed teams previous experience and language skills. Consultants may associate to enhance their qualification.

See full tender here: # 1194035 Framework Agreement for PPP Rapid Support Assessments

Expression of Interest Deadline: 27-Aug-2015 at 11:59:59 PM (EST)

eConsultant2 website:

Tender notification: # 1194035

Assignment Countries:

  • No countries assigned (60% Africa, 40% rest of the world)