eConsultant2: ICT Strategy and PPP options for ICT sector in Somalia

The ICT Sector Unit of the World Bank Group is working with the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (MPT) and the Ministry of Finance (MoF) of the Federal Government of Somalia to provide a program of ICT Sector Support, 2014-2018. The project development objective for ICT Sector Program (covering Phase 1 and Phase 2) is to contribute towards the process of developing a regulatory framework for the telecommunications sector and building an ICT infrastructure in Somalia.

This assistance is being commissioned in preparation for a potential Phase 3 of the ICT Sector support program. It is concerned with the provision of technical assistance to the Federal Government of Somalia and is supported by PPIAF in order to assist the development of ICT infrastructure. Specifically, Phase 3 will seek to identify necessary reforms to the enabling environment, support project preparation, and build capacity for private sector participation in the development of a fiber optic backbone network, both domestic and international, among other methods, by leveraging sector synergies.

The program development objective is to study and make recommendations for enhancing the domestic and international connectivity of Somalia, and to develop an action plan to achieve this, including through the use of public private partnerships and though joint investment programs with other infrastructures (e.g., roads, electricity distribution). Specific activities include:

1. Developing a medium-term strategy for ICT sector infrastructure in Somalia;
2. Carrying out a preliminary assessment of the regulatory, commercial and technical issues involved in developing a long-haul fiber-optic backbone network, backed up by satellite, microwave and other connectivity options, to interconnect major cities in Somalia, and to improve connectivity with neighboring countries;
3. Preparing an options study for the implementation of this backbone network operated on open access principles, including a feasibility study of PPP arrangements and joint investment projects with other infrastructures (e.g., roads, electricity distribution). The options study should consider potential corridors of connectivity, such as the Berbera corridor proposed in the Horn of Africa initiative.
4. Offer capacity building in the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications and the Regulator, involving also the private sector, through national and regional level training, and workshop to foster consensus building for activities 1, 2 and 3.
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