eC2: TA Activity to establish a city-owned Yangon Flood Resilience Strategy

Deadline: 21-Oct-2019 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.) water

The assignment described in this REoI, falls under the Technical Assistance activity attached to Component 2 of the Myanmar SEA-DRM project and is referred to as Yangon Flood Resilience Strategy.  The consulting services (the Services) for Yangon Flood Resilience Strategy include: Task 1: Prepare three strategic directions that inform the formulation of a preferred Flood Resilience Strategy and prepare a Catalog of Measures, a matrix of design principles and example measures applicable to the Yangon situation,
Task 2: Establish a city-owned Flood Resilience Strategy for Yangon and engage with YCDC and Yangon Regional Government in a Multi-Criteria Analysis CBA to design a multi-annual Investment Program for flood resilience interventions (structural and non-structural) (Program of Measures)  Task 3: Pre-feasibility Study (engineering design) for selected priority investment options.

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eC2: Cyber Security Technical Assistance

Deadline: 04-Jul-2019 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.) index

The World Bank Groups Digital Development Global Practice is implementing a Global Cybersecurity Programme designed to develop Cybersecurity capacity and strategic awareness for public sector public officials in Africa and Asia. These public officials are then expected to champion their national Cybersecurity agendas and lead the cultural Cybersecurity change that is desperately needed in most developing countries.

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eC2: Technical Adviser on Electric Mobility

Deadline: 25-Feb-2019 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.) untitled

The candidate will serve as technical adviser for the future e-mobility center of expertise to: (1) provide analytical and technical support to the operations teams and clients, develop and implement e-mobility projects;(2) support the development of knowledge products; (3) prepare briefing notes and dissemination material; (4) provide input for the conceptualization and development of the e-mobility center of expertise; and (5) support efforts to expand in-house knowledge.

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eC2:Technical Assistance to Kuwait Municipality on Waste Management Planning – Situational Analysis and Options for Service Improvement

Deadline: 02-Oct-2018 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.) solid waste

Assignment Description: 

The World Bank is seeking the services of qualified firm in to carry out an analysis for Kuwait Municipality Solid Waste Management sector. The main objective of this assignment is to collect up to date information on the services provided, and identify viable options for expansion and improvement of services.

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eC2: Technical Assistance and Advice on Information Management in solid waste management in Gaza.

Deadline: 05-Jun-2018 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

The scope of work is anticipated to include the following: (i) Needs assessment of the JSC-KRM to validate the needs of the system; (ii) Review of options for IT equipment and hardware through carrying out of a comprehensive review of available technologies and recommending hardware requirements which will be subsequently purchased by the JSC.(iii) Program and establish data collection protocol for testing and adoption by JSC technical staff; (iv) Provide advice for cost estimation and human resource capacity for delivery control; (v) processing procedures/guidelines for IT operation and maintenance; (vi) Providing training and employment and encouraging innovation in the Gaza IT sector through execution of the above tasks.

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eConsultant2: Development of e-government procurement Strategy

Deadline: 02-Mar-2016 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

The Technical Assistance (TA) will help the government prepare itself with the different Financial Educationpreparatory tools, documents and capacities. Improving Readiness for e-Procurement – one of the components under the Grant includes the activities to develop e-GP Strategy, carry out extensive Business Process Reengineering (BPR) of the Procurement Processes and practices, development of e-GP guidelines, and development of business, functional and technical specifications and bidding document for the implementation of e-GP System in Zimbabwe.

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