eC2: Development of a Study on the Establishment of the Klokot Spring Cross-Border Sanitary Protection Zones

Deadline: 15-Nov-2018 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

A Study on the Spring Sanitary Protection Zones is needed to mitigate against the sourcesbalkans of pollution and the World Bank (the Bank) has been requested by the relevant Governments to carry it out. To do so, in compliance with the requirements of the eligible BETF and RETF activities, the Bank will hire a consultant company (the Consultant) to prepare the Study while monitoring and coordinating the activities of the latter with those carried out by the beneficiary countries, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, and their consultants, including a Steering Board and a Study Implementation Team. The consultant will prepare the Study to help the beneficiary countries identify the effective sanitary protection measures for the springs to prevent groundwater pollution (the quantitative and qualitative features), and to share with them relevant recommendations for the monitoring of the groundwater in the relevant areas in the future, with the aim of allowing a timely identification of the eventual water quality deterioration in the catchment area.

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Symposium: The value of groundwater

Original announcement for symposium on VVM website. World Bank speaker participating.
Only 100 spots available, so don’t wait!

In the Netherlands we pay on average bottled vs ground€1 per cubic meter of tapwater coming from groundwater. If surface water or infiltrated groundwater comes out of the tap, a few dimes or half a Euro is added. A bottle of water is up to a thousand times more expensive.

Date: September 23, 2015
Location: Nieuwegein, the Netherlands

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IGRAC hosted a World Bank partnership roundtable on groundwater

Article originally published on the IGRAC website.

Together with NWP (Netherlands IGRACWater Partnership) IGRAC organised a ‘Roundtable on Netherlands Groundwater Expertise in Integrated Delta Management’. Mr. Junaid Ahmad, Senior Director Water at The World Bank, met representatives of Dutch groundwater sector to hear about groundwater management practice in the Netherlands and to explore possibilities to implement related knowledge into World Bank operations.

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