eC2: Technical support for the preparation of Flood Risk Management Plans for Romania. Methodology for the elaboration of Flood Hazard Maps for Romania

Deadline: 05-Mar-2020 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.) water

The assignment aims to develop methodologies to elaborate the flood hazard maps for Areas of Potential Significant Flood Risk reported to the European Commission in 2019 (APSFR II). It will involve the following tasks: 1.Collate and review existing information on APSFR from cycle I and II, Flood Hazard Maps I and methodology. 2.Set out a clear overall integrated methodological framework for hazard mapping with specific methodologies for different types of flood hazards (Flash Floods, Pluvial Floods in urban areas, Coastal flooding, flooding due to dyke breaches)identified under the APSFR II. This framework is to be aligned with the methodology used during the first cycle for FHMs from fluvial source, will consider the comments received from the European Commission in the first cycle and international best practices. 3.Propose a method to integrate expected impacts of climate change into the development of the new Flood Hazard Maps and for using the existing Flood Hazard Maps of cycle 1

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