Tools for Success

The handbook, “Zakendoen met de Wereldbank Groep” created by The Netherlands World Bank building Embassy in Washington, D.C. provides interested Dutch companies and organizations with a basic introduction to the World Bank Group. Besides the handbook we also created fact sheets which include information on project cycles as well as bank jargon which will be good to know when working with the World Bank Group.

The handbook and fact sheets will provide those who are interested in working with the World Bank Group a first impression of how this large organization works. It discusses the differences between consultancy and goods & works projects, and explores the position of the World Bank and IFC – International Finance Corporation as a contracting party.

One aspect that is not always well understood is the project cycle of the World Bank and IFC, i.e. which party is responsible for each phase of the cycle. Understanding the role of borrowing countries and the World Bank in projects is crucial to being successful.

The fact sheets give an outline of the process and the handbook explains the information in greater detail.

Five fact sheets:

  • The World Bank fact sheet provides you with basic information about the World Bank Group and the five institutions that are part of it.
  • The How to Work with IFC fact sheet provides you with different avenues with which you can work with the IFC.
  • The fact sheet World Bank Group Procurement Tips provides you helpful tips and tricks when doing business with the World Bank.
  • The fact sheet World Bank Project Cycle expands on and describes the different stages of the project. This document will give you an understanding of the different steps in the project process.
  • The fact sheet Project Documents provides you with the full name of the many abbreviations that you will come across, as well as a description of the document and its importance
  • The Complaints Guide provides you with information on when, where and how to address a complaint.

Lastly, the Handbook shows you where you should go to find procurement notices, and where you will find the project pipeline. It finishes with a number of tips and tricks that have been shared with us over the years.

The publications are dynamic and will be updated with feedback and new developments regularly. The fact sheets are available in English, but the handbook is in Dutch only.

You can find the handbook and fact sheets here.