World Bank project pipeline per region

Curious about future World Bank projects in the geographic region you are active in? Interested in knowing how much will be invested by the World Bank in a particular country? Want to know the pipeline of projects, with information on the project amount, the main sectors and themes, and the link to the project website?

Last week we published the pipeline projects Image result for pipelineper sector, but since then have been asked to provide the information per region too, as some organizations have a specific regional focus and expertise.

The information is currect per June 29, 2015. Not all projects may ultimately be approved by the Board of Directors.

Pipeline Africa (total pipeline: $8.315 billion)

Pipeline East Asia & Pacific (total pipeline: $15.606 billion)

Pipeline Europe & Central Asia (total pipeline: $10.574 billion)

Pipeline Latin America & Caribbean (total pipeline: $10.257 billion)

Pipeline Middle East & North Africa (total pipeline: $2.415 billion)

Pipeline South Asia (total pipeline: $10.419 billion)