Article: Climate Change Expected to Magnify Water Scarcity

Article published on, August 18, 2016

Story highlights

  • Nearly 1.6 billion people live in countries with physical water scarcity – a figure that Imagemay double in the coming two decades.
  • As the potential for developing new sources of water diminishes, making more efficient use of water becomes essential to meeting future demand.
  • The World Bank works with countries around the world to help ensure water resources remain secure through water efficiency measures, including improved agricultural practices.

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Climate-Driven Water Scarcity

Climate-Driven Water Scarcity Could Hit Economic Growth by Up to 6 Percent in Some Regions, Says World Bank

WASHINGTON, May, 3 2016 – Water scarcity, exacerbated by climate change, could cost watersome regions up to 6 percent of their GDP, spur migration, and spark conflict, according to a new World Bank report released today.*

High and Dry: Climate Change, Water and the Economy, says the combined effects of growing populations, rising incomes, and expanding cities will see demand for water rising exponentially, while supply becomes more erratic and uncertain.

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