The ticket to a better ride: How can Automated Fare Collection improve urban transport?

In both developed and developing countries, a growing number of cities are relying on fr-navigo-pass-paris-emily-jackson-flickr_0automated systems to collect public transport fares and verify payment. Far from being a gimmick, Automated Fare Collection (AFC) can bring a wide range of benefits to local governments, transport planners, operators—and, of course, to commuters themselves.

The recent Transforming Transportation 2019 conference paid a great deal of attention to the applications and benefits of AFC, which have been at the heart of many World Bank and IFC-supported urban mobility projects.

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Deadline: 05-Jan-2017 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)general-transport-mosaic-main.jpg

The assignment is to formulate a sustainable financial strategy for Ulaanbaatars public transport sector and to carry out related studies. The consultants work will consist of four parts: (1) Diagnosis of the public transport sector in UB; (2) Sustainable Financial Strategy for Ulaanbaatars public transport sector; (3) Recommendations for the Financial Sustainability of Ulaanbaatars public transport sector and roadmap for the implementation; and (4) Workshops and trainings. Travel to Ulaanbaatar and face-to-face discussions with relevant city officials and staff are expected.

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