eC2: Regional Program for Digital Innovation to Support Public Transport and Sector Growth

Deadline: 27-Jan-2020 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.) general-transport-mosaic-main

The project objective is to apply best global practice and develop shared knowledge and tools to understand, regulate and improve paratransit transportation in developing countries by using new digital technologies through a regional programmatic approach for countries in Southern Africa. This will require a deeper understanding of the informal paratransit operations and business efficiency (or inefficiency) and contribute toward moving the informal sector toward formalization in the SSA region and globally.
Specific objectives
This project intends to address the following specific objectives:
(i) understand the quality and efficiency of paratransit operations and users mobility patterns, (ii) share such information with paratransit operators and engage them in the discussion of potential operations and business improvements, and (iii) contribute to the development of regulation and policies that will yield service improvements in the informal transit sector.

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