eC2: Ethiopia Soufflet Heineken Malt Barley Supply Chain Development Project

Deadline: 25-Nov-2019 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.) farmers_working_in_their_fields_in_guinea

To assist the operations of its investment clients, IFC intends to support an advisory project to substantially increase the local sourcing of commercially available malt barley from smallholder and emergent commercial farmers in Ethiopia. The three-year project would facilitate the expansion of local sourcing from current levels (20KMT) to around 80 KMT of raw malt barley from 40,000 farmers by the end of the project. The project will be focused on 23 woreda in Arsi, West Arsi, Bale and Shewa zones. IFC requires consultant services to assist with improving the malt barley production capacity of farmers in these areas. The work will have the following subcomponents: Improving farmers access to improved seed varieties. Improving farmers access to other inputs such as crop protection products and fertilizer. Building the agronomic and technical capacity of barley producers.

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eC2: IFC-Heineken Brewery Share Company (HBSC)-Ethiopia Malt Barley Supply Chain Development Data Collection- for Baseline Study

Deadline: 26-Jul-2017 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.) Survey

A baseline study involving qualitative and quantitative methods will be conducted in the malt barley sector in Ethiopia. The baseline study will provide IFC management and the project staff with information, lessons and recommendations that can be used to improve the design of similar projects elsewhere.

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Heineken & IFC collaborate to expand Rwanda’s Bralirwa Brewery

On April 22, the World Bank Board of Directors approved a $25 million IFC investment in Brasserie et Limonaderies du Rwanda Ltd. (“Bralirwa”). Bralirwa is the leading beer brewer in Rwanda with more than six beer brands and seven Coca-Cola brands, and is owned for 75% by Heineken N.V., one of the largest brewers in the world.

The IFC’s senior loan is part of a larger Bralirwainvestment of $50 million that supports the company’s capacity expansion program over the next few years.

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