eC2: Technical support for the preparation of Flood Risk Management Plans for Romania.

Deadline: 05-Mar-2020 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.) Bangladeshi villagers repair a vital flood-protecting embankment

The assignment aims to develop a suite of practical new Methodologies to develop Programmes of Measures for the second cycle flood risk management plans (FRMP2).It will involve completing the following tasks:
1.Collate and review existing information, including Methodologies for FRMP1
2 Update the catalogue of measures for FRMP2
3 Set out clear terminology and main types of measures for FRMP2 in Romania
4 Set out a clear overall integrated framework for the appraisal methodologies which then involves developing a clear practical methodology for each of the following steps:
Step 1:Identify, screen and scope possible eligible measures at catchment level
Step 2:Prioritise this long list of possible measures using a Multi-criteria analysis of their impacts (positive & negative) and their costs to rank them and define a short list of measures for which funds could be sought Step 3.Carry out Cost Benefit Analyses of this short list of measures to be able to justify them & secure funding

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