USAID Acquisition and Assistance Strategy Launch


A&A Strategy Cover Page

We are happy to announce the launch of USAID’s refreshed Acquisition and Assistance (A&A) Strategy. This strategy provides our vision and approach for how we will collaborate across the Agency, with our partners, and with the communities we serve to achieve better development results. 

USAID will pursue the following vision and objectives laid out in the A&A Strategy: 

VISION: USAID and its partners enable sustainable, inclusive, and locally led development results through acquisition and assistance. 

Objective 1: A&A workforce enabled, equipped, and empowered to further USAID’s development and humanitarian mission.

Objective 2: Streamlined and effective A&A integrated throughout the Agency’s development approach.

Objective 3: A more diverse set of partners engaged to implement locally led development solutions.

You can view the entire A&A Strategy here.

WB E-institute course : Frontiers in Development Policy

Dates: February 16, 2015 – March 13, 2014
Application Ends On : February 12, 2015index

The world economy is undergoing a major transformation.The economic crises in Western economies, persistent poverty despite impressive GDP growth in a number of developing countries, and the emerging prominence of Brazil, China, and India hint at changing global dynamics.

Policymakers and development practitioners are facing an increasingly complex array of economic, social, and political challenges.They need a broad-based understanding of the functioning and complexities of the economy as well as an awareness of the latest thinking and approaches to development policy.

The Frontiers in Development Policy course helps address this need. It is designed for future leaders, policymakers, and change agents who are trying to meet the development challenges facing their countries. This practical policy course will distill and disseminate “what we know and don’t know” and will outline the “how to” of reform.

Target Audience:

Policy makers, academics, representatives of donor agencies and civil society organization, students of development economics.

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