USAID Acquisition and Assistance Strategy Launch


A&A Strategy Cover Page

We are happy to announce the launch of USAID’s refreshed Acquisition and Assistance (A&A) Strategy. This strategy provides our vision and approach for how we will collaborate across the Agency, with our partners, and with the communities we serve to achieve better development results. 

USAID will pursue the following vision and objectives laid out in the A&A Strategy: 

VISION: USAID and its partners enable sustainable, inclusive, and locally led development results through acquisition and assistance. 

Objective 1: A&A workforce enabled, equipped, and empowered to further USAID’s development and humanitarian mission.

Objective 2: Streamlined and effective A&A integrated throughout the Agency’s development approach.

Objective 3: A more diverse set of partners engaged to implement locally led development solutions.

You can view the entire A&A Strategy here.