eC2: Port Sudan Water Supply: Water resource management at Arbaat dam

Deadline: 01-Aug-2017 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.) water

The State Water Corporation (SWC) for Red Sea State manages water supply for the city of Port Sudan. The city relies on two critical sources Arbaat Dam (which is under threat from siltation) and Arbaat well field. A new well field at Moj is also a potential source. This assignment aims to generate high quality data on the following: At Arbaat Dam & At Arbaat and Moj Wellfields. Outputs: A water resource monitoring report that includes a model of the sediment dynamics of the main catchment area (by Sep 2018). On-the-job-training and training manual for technical staff at SWC with responsibilities for the managing water resources for Port Sudan water supply (by Jun 2018)

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The New Gold: Providing Quality Water and Sanitation in Bulgaria

STORY HIGHLIGHTS ( Full WB Article )bg-water-story2
  • Almost all Bulgarians have access to drinking water in their homes, but a significant number of people still suffer seasonal rationing due to incomplete construction of dams.
  • The World Bank–supported Municipal Infrastructure Development Project will guarantee a reliable and high-quality water supply for 170,000 Bulgarians through the completion of three dams.
  • Two unfinished dams will be completed under this project, while a third will be rehabilitated.

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