eConsultant2: PPP Options Study NRW reduction Kenya

Deadline: 12 October 2015

This assignment has the following objectives waterfor Nairobi and Mombasa water company:

1. Explore various PPP options for sustainable Non-revenue Water (NRW) reduction involving significant risk transfer to the private sector. The analysis should include for each utility:
o An organizational description.
o A financial assessment.
o The pros and cons of each PPP option and a recommendation on the selected option.

2.Once the government has agreed on the preferred option for each city:
o Identification of any regulatory or institutional issues that will affect implementation of such option.
o Identification of capacity building needs to enable implementation of such option.
o A market sounding for potential strategic investors for such option.

3. Provide a business case including financial model of the preferred PPP option for each of the two utilities with a view to: (i) improve NRW; (ii) make optimal capital investments; and (iii) ensure long-term economic NRW sustainability of the system. This will include the following for each utility:
o Collection of data and determination of a baseline for the network and facility assessment, drawing on the on-going NRW activities in each city.

4. Development of a NRW Strategy and Investment Plan or validating any such plan that has been developed under the on-going NRW activities.

See full tender here: # 1200987 PPP Study Accelerated and Sustainable NRW reduction for Mombasa and Nairobi

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