eConsultant2: competitiveness assessment of the Colombian Palm Oil in international trade

The Dutch (RVO) funded Colombia palm oil project is gaining speed and the team has now published a call for expressions of interest. Given the RVO funding the IFC would very much welcome Dutch consultants.

The aim of this assessment is to identify and examine the factors affecting the performance of Colombian palm oil-based products in the international market, and analyze the gap between the current and possible future conditions in the Colombian industry. The following topics need to be considered:
a) Benchmark costs of production by Colombian palm oil producing regions and by companies operating in each Region.
b) Benchmark costs of production in Colombia against other major producers in Asia, Africa and LAC
c) Effects on production and profitability caused by governmental policies in Colombia (price stabilization fund, obligatory mixings in biodiesel market, tax incentives, subsidies, subsidized financing, amongst others)
d) Characterization of the various supply chains: show which combination of palm oil byproducts become viable depending on location and pricing. Effect of exports to demand from local market.
e) Analysis of main competitors (Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand): production, prices, governmental incentives, export, etc.,
f) Analysis of main international buyers and consumers: volume, trends, etc.
g) Import parity analysis.

See full tender here: # 1192138 competitiveness assessment of the Colombian Palm Oil in international trade

Expression of Interest Deadline: 9-Aug-2015 at 11:59:59 PM (EST)

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Tender notification: # 1192138

Assignment Countries:

  • Colombia