eConsultant2: 2030 Water Resources Group: Knowledge Exchange – South Africa

In addition to knowledge-sharing through analytical work and case studies, 2030 WRG leverages its growing network of country partners to foster in-person exchange of knowledge and ideas. In the past, this has been achieved through dedicated 2030 WRG partner days at major events such as World Water Week. Later this year, we plan to expand this via an exchange to South Africa. The intention of this event is to enhance the sharing of knowledge and building of capacity around specific thematic topics. The purpose of selecting South Africa is to learn from the countrys efforts to address municipal water losses and mine-water management, topics which come up across a number of 2030 WRG country partnerships.

See full tender here: #1100305 2030 Water Resources Group – Knowledge Exchange – South Africa

Specific objectives of the exchange are to:

1. Provide an opportunity for participants to gain practical insights from the South Africa experience, which can be used to guide water management policy and practice in their own countries;

2. Provide an opportunity for partners from across 2030 WRG countries to meet, spend time together, and learn from each other;

3. Enable South Africa stakeholders, as hosts, to showcase its water management achievements to senior officials from other countries

In order to support the organization and implementation of this exchange, 2030 WRG seeks to recruit a qualified firm to project manage the event. The selected firm will work closely with the 2030 WRG team to design the exchange, and will take the lead in planning and arranging the all field visits, speaking events, and participant knowledge-sharing sessions. The firm will be responsible for managing all logistics, including flights, hotels, accommodation, field visit logistics, meeting logistics, etc.

Expression of Interest Deadline: 06-Jul-2015 at 11:59:59 PM (EST)

eConsultant2 website:

Tender notification: # 1190305

Assignment Countries:

  • South-Africa

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