Renewable Energy Strategy Botswana

The Government of Botswana has requested the World Bank for technical assistance to develop a renewable energy strategy for Botswana. In response, the World Bank (Client) intends to apply part of the proceeds of a grant from the Africa Renewable Energy Access (AFREA) program to engage the services of a consultant (Consultant) to develop a comprehensive renewable energy strategy for Botswana, with an emphasis on solar energy.

See full tender here: Renewable Energy Strategy Botswana.

Expression of Interest Deadline: February 26, 2015.Scope: It is expected that this activity will provide an assessment of the extent of the solar energy resource and develop a preliminary meso-scale solar mapping for Botswana. For other renewable energy sources (wind, bio-mass, bio-fuel) indicative assessments of resource availability shall be undertaken. The Consultant will also review the policy, regulatory, legal, and institutional environment for renewable energy in the country and provide recommendations for its further development that will engender the scaling-up of renewable energy investment in Botswana. To further aid the renewable energy investments, the Consultant shall also define an investment program complete with funding options for the government. Lastly the Renewable Energy Strategy for Botswana shall also include a roadmap of the key steps to be undertaken by the government in order to scale-up renewable energy investment. In undertaking the activity, regional experiences and best-practices gleaned from within the Southern African region and Africa as a whole will be taken into account.