Economic Integration in West Africa Starts with Road Corridors


  • African countries depend on major road corridors, key drivers of economic activity.
  • Extensive efforts have been made in recent years to remove trade barriers and foster regional integration, but there is still some way to go.
  • The World Bank has stepped up its support for regional integration, which currently accounts for 13% of its Africa portfolio.

Supporting a Green, Resilient and Inclusive Recovery on West Africa’s Coast


In Gbekon, Benin, summers come with flooding from the Mono River. Erosion of the nearby supporting-green-resilient-and-inclusive-recovery-west-africas-coast-1140x500coast, along with more unpredictable rainfall, have made these floods worse over time. Each flood cuts access to the only road connecting people to farms, jobs, and public health services and put thousands of lives and livelihoods at risk. In 2020, the World Bank-financed West Africa Coastal Areas Program (WACA) built dikes and instituted other measures to manage river flows and prevent flooding, with the result  that more than 3,600 households were less exposed to coastal erosion and flooding.

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