eC2: SME Ventures Knowledge Product

Deadline: 18-Jul-2017 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

IFCs SME Ventures supports local entrepreneurship in FCS, IDA and frontier markets by logo_ifcproviding risk capital/ patient capital that are otherwise extremely scarce. Established in 2008, the successful raise of a follow-on fund by the Central Africa SME Fund validated IFCs pioneering role, and IFC secured Boards approval to expand the program globally in 2015.

Building on its decades experience, the SME Ventures, by working with the FCS Africa team, (the project team, hereafter) intends to develop a knowledge product that provides a practical and relevant information and guidance to GPs and LPs. The knowledge product will capture the SME Ventures and its partners experience and provide insights and solutions to day to day challenges that GPs and LPs face. The final report will be launched during the fourth SME Ventures Forum in March 2018.

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Why the World Bank’s venture capital arm is investing in Silicon Valley

Article posted on devex. 26 May, 2016

It might seem off mission for investors who say they want to drive prosperity in 7R38yLAmxJ1aGXpk3ZbEQh08ROPnttoyPQQxmSZLaj5OhmpWDNPRN0W3iLuSAqBhdz4PjGBThqqzeVVrM97XQRxKKbeEGhugd5VpmIeKMyJbO9K5sEE3msIZhHfqdOJNl2pF370zdeveloping countries to support entrepreneurs based in the city with the most concentrated venture capital in the world.

Most of the more than $100 million the venture arm of the World Bank’s International Finance Corp. will invest this fiscal year will go to the emerging markets, including tech hubs such as Nairobi, Kenya — dubbed the “Silicon Savannah”. But recently the IFC has also invested in Silicon Valley companies such as the cloud-based software company Ayla, the satellite company Planet Labs and the online education company Coursera.

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