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 About five years ago, soon after we started this blog, I wrote a blog post titled “Economists have experiments figured out. What’s next? (Hint: It’s Measurement)” Soon after the post, I had folks from IPA email me saying we should experiment with some important measurement issues, making use of IPA’s network of studies around the world. At the time, we made some effort to organize an initial workshop to discuss what we know and what we need to know, but things fizzled out. Fast forward to this Spring when IPA did send out an invitation for a workshop on measurement issues (attendees found out that this is actually the second of such workshops, the first of which took place in 1999, which was when Dean Karlan met Chris Udry for the first time: the two organized last week’s workshop at Yale).

Success story: Steward Requeen and TTC Mobile win IFC Tender

indexIn March, the Dutch companies Steward Redqueen (impact measurement & strategy) and TTC Mobile (innovative survey technology) joined forces and won IFC’s tender for the ‘Agri Commodity Traders Evaluation project. It’s a challenging exercise which focuses on assessing the development impacts of IFC agriculture commodity trader projects. The aim is to better understand the contribution to the development of commodity trading agents in different environments; such as key export-oriented vs. domestic market-oriented crop, transition economy vs. developing economy, and crops which involve smallholder farmers (e.g. coffee, cocoa, tea) vs. large estates producers (e.g., grains, oilseeds). The project started in April 2016 and its finalization is planned in Q1 2017.

The Netherlands Embassy emphasizes the importance of establishing a partnership to raise the chances of winning WBG tenders.  A prime example is the Steward Redqueen and TTC Mobile partnership. Both companies have contacts in different departments within the World Bank Group, but had never worked together until the end of 2015. Through the embassy both parties learned of the publication of the ‘Agri Commodity Traders Evaluation’ tender on eConsultant2. After the liaisons put the two companies in touch, both TTC Mobile and Steward Redqueen realized that by collaborating they would have a good chance at winning the tender. Their unique collaboration resulted in winning the tender.

More information about TTC Mobile and Steward Redqueen:


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