eC2: Technical support for the preparation of Flood Risk Management Plans for Romania. Methodologies to develop Programmes of Measures.

Deadline:  05-Mar-2020 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.) floods

The assignment aims to develop a suite of practical new Methodologies to develop a flood damage/loss database and systems to support the development of flood risk maps for Romania. It will involve completing the following tasks:
1. Develop the typology structure for a flood damage and loss database.
2. Develop a methodology for flood damage assessment to create data for the database.
3. Develop the population of the database with actual flood damage data and using synthetic data to fill gaps 4. Develop a methodology for the elaboration of Flood Risk Maps, considering the comments received from the European Commission and making use of the existing and new flood hazard maps and the flood damage and loss data base.
5. Trial the deployment of the flood damage/loss database methodology and the development of Flood Risk Maps.

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