WBG app: Spatial Agent

A new, free World Bank app offers one-stop access to interactive maps and charts Mapof national, regional, and global data sets.

Solutions to many of the development challenges faced across the globe are hampered by the poor availability of spatial data. How can you easily find out which areas in Madagascar are susceptible to cyclones? Or how about which areas in India have high child malnutrition? Or what the major exports of Vietnam are? Or how fast the population in Lagos is rising?

The World Bank, in its quest to improve data transparency and open data platforms, has developed an easily accessible way to get answers—a Spatial Agent application that visualizes available spatial and temporal development-related data on an interactive mobile platform. It pulls together thousands of types of data from more than 300 web services from major institutions—United Nations Organizations, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), European Space Agency (ESA), World Bank, universities, and many more.

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Sesame Street at the World Bank – Sanitation & Hygiene

A week ago, on June 17, Sesame Street’s Raya and Count von Count were at the World Bank to talk to policy makers and children alike about the need for toilets, good sanitation, proper hygiene and how children can play a vital role in the behavioral change so desperately needed to make an impact.

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