MIGA – event: Presentation

MIGA a member of the World Bank Group came to the Netherlands the 21st of June to miga.pnggive a presentation about their activities. MIGA contributes to the World Bank Group’s goals of ending extreme poverty and promoting shared prosperity by facilitating private investment into developing member countries and supporting projects that bring broad developmental impact. MIGA-supported investments help bring jobs, innovation, technology, and skills transfer.

MIGA Presentation FY17

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eC2:Strengthening Sub-national Government Capacity to Promote Economic Empowerment and Prevent Violence Against Women

Deadline: 26-Jun-2017 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)index

The project to which this consultancy is linked to aims to strengthen the capacity of sub-national governments in Piaui, Brazil, particularly the State Coordination for Women Policies (CEPM) and the newly created municipal Organizations of Policies for Women (OPMs), to design, implement and evaluate policies aimed at (i) increasing women empowerment and agency and (ii) preventing violence against women. In order to achieve those objectives, the project is divided into three main components: (i) Development of a toolkit of evidence-based policies to prevent violence against women; (ii) Capacity building activities; and (iii) Dissemination.

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World Bank Group Country Engagement

The World Bank Group’s Country Partnership Framework (scd_cdf_report-image_4CPF) aims to make our country-driven model more systematic, evidence-based, selective, and focused on the Bank’s twin goals of ending extreme poverty and increasing shared prosperity in a sustainable manner. The CPF replaces the Country Assistance Strategy (CAS). Used in conjunction with a Systematic Country Diagnostic (SCD),  the CPF guides the World Bank Group’s (WBG) support to a member country.

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