Interns Netherlands embassy visit World Bank

The interns and trainees at the Netherlands Embassy in Washington, D.C. paid a visit to the World Bank on Thursday, November 13. The twelve young professionals, varying in background from defense specialists to circular economy expert, from economists to agriculturists, spoke to various Dutch World Bank staffers.

interns at WBGMost of the interns had little knowledge about the World Bank prior to their visit. While doing their internships at the embassy, their primary focus is the United States. Everyday work quickly piles up, giving them little time to look outside of their specific sectors. On Thursday, however, half a day was set aside to learn more about this Bretton Woods institute.

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Who you gonna call?

The main goal of the World Bank is to have a world free of poverty. A very noble goal, and a goal that involves many different sectors. As a result, the World Bank works on fascinating topics, in challenging countries, with a wide range of approaches, and with the need for implementing cutting edge ideas and technologies. Who wouldn’t want to work in such an environment trying to achieve such good for the world?

Working with the World Bank opens up their network to you. Who you gonna callJust imagine a vast market of middle- and lower income countries at your fingertips, with the World Bank giving you the assurance as if you’re working in your home market. You’d be working with top-notch professionals under international guidelines and standards, saving you some of the hassle of local government rules.

Before you jump up and start calling the World Bank, it is important to learn more about doing business with the World Bank. The guidebook ‘Zakendoen met de Wereldbank Groep’ created by the Netherlands embassy in Washington DC is a good start, while you will also find relevant information on the website of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).

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What is a better topic to address in our first post than the title of the blog: NL for the World Bank? To a large extent, the title is self-explanatory, but the meaning takes on multiple dimensions.

The most important to us is the work that Dutch organizations and individuals do for the World Bank, helping it achieve its twin goals of ending poverty and boosting shared prosperity. We strongly believe in the value and quality of these contributions by the Dutch. Therefore, we invite you to join us in emphasizing these contributions by highlighting these efforts on Twitter using #NL4WorldBank.

Another dimension is the financial contribution of the Dutch citizens, through their government, to the World Bank. This contribution enables the World Bank to provide the technical assistance, advice, loans, credits, and gifts to reach the twin goals.

One dimension that is not implied from the title, but will receive attention, is the inverse of the title: the World Bank for the Netherlands. The World Bank provides ample business opportunities for many organizations and individuals in the Netherlands. However, for many the World Bank remains an ill-understood organization that is large, bureaucratic, and at times a bit difficult to navigate. We will help you navigate this organization, provide you with the right information, and put you in touch with key figures in the World Bank.

Who we are? We are the World Bank team at the Dutch embassy in Washington, D.C.

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