Newsletter March 2017: Doing Business!

On March 7th the FIRST edition of  2017 of NL4WorldBank newsletter  was published.Doing Business

In this edition the focus is on the success of Deltares, a long term partner of the World Bank.
You can also find a new World Bank presentation on the Corporate Procurement, the updated version of the handleiding “zaken doen met de Wereldbank Groep” and the 2017 World Development Report focused on Goverance and the Law. We have also created a complaints guide to answer any and all questions you may have. Last but not least we have our top blog posts, interesting tenders and a couple of important upcoming events! 
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Published by RVO “In the Loop” Newsletter

Today an article was published about the NL-4-WorldBank website in theuntitled Netherlands Enterprise Agency newsletter, which is geared towards dutch embassies World Wide.

Below an excerpt of the article, to read the rest click here.

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