eC2: Independent Summative Evaluation (ISE) of the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) and of GPEs work associated with the GPE 2020 strategy

Deadline: 27-May-2019 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.) for-better-early-childhood-care-and-education-in-sri-lanka

A summary of the main supporting activities envisioned (though the consultants are invited to propose alternate arrangements) is below, but details will be elaborated in the request for proposals (RFP).
1. Throughout, participate in consultations seeking input from stakeholders, the IEC, the SIC, the Board, the GPE Secretariat, and GPE partners.
2.Based on the RFP guidance, further refine the evaluation questions and the methodological design as part of the inception note development.
3.Conduct the evaluation (reviewing existing data and reports and carrying out new data collection as necessary, developing and presenting progress reports and an intermediate report along the way).
4.Participate in review processes with the IEC and edit and refine the final evaluation and outputs.
5.Package all outputs for publication and presentation.
6.Present the findings in meetings about the evaluation.

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In Senegal, a call to invest in people and the planet

SenegalFor three days this month, the West African nation of Senegal was in the spotlight of global efforts to combat climate change and improve education in a rapidly changing world.

French President Emmanuel Macron and Senegal’s President Macky Sall co-hosted a conference in Dakar to replenish the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) – a funding platform to help low-income countries increase the number of children who are both in school and learning.

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eConsultant2: Technical assistance to oversee implementation of the early grade reading program in Tonga and policy advice

Deadline: 25-Apr-2016 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

The World Bank (WB), with funding from the Global Partnership for Education (GPE), isnurses-in-tonga providing technical assistance to improve early grade literacy and school readiness in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific under the Pacific Early Age Readiness and Learning (PEARL) Programme. Under pillar 1 of PEARL, the World Bank is supporting the Ministry of Education and Training (MET) of Tonga to develop, monitor and evaluate implementation of the early literacy instruction pilot program. The pilot of interventions started at grade 1 during the 2015 school year. The early literacy instruction pilot program is planned for implementation in both grades 1 and 2 in Tonga.

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