From Parts to Products: Why Trade Logistics Matter

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  • The sixth edition of Connecting to Compete reveals a persistent gap between high-income and low-income countries on logistics performance. High-income countries score, on average, 48% better on logistics than low-income countries.
  • Logistics relates to how efficiently countries can move physical goods across and within borders. A country’s performance in this area can determine how it participates in international markets.
  • Emerging trends in logistics include eco-friendly logistics options, labor shortages in both developed and developing countries, and preparedness for cyber threats.


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Developing Common Principles for Tracking Climate Finance

Article was published on April 3rd, 2015 on the World Bank website.

The world’s largest development finance institutions are working together on a common sets of principles for tracking climate finance. They have agreed on the first set for tracking mitigation finance. Similar principles for tracking adaptation finance and leverage are being developed this year.

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