eC2: Myanmar electric cooking market analysis

Deadline:  09-Jul-2020 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.) cookstoves

The objective of the consultancy is to assess market opportunities and challenges for the adoption of efficient electric cooking in Myanmar. The activity will take stock of the inventory of electric cooking appliances in Myanmar and Southeast Asia for grid and off-grid technologies taking into consideration the customer profile, willingness to pay and local cooking characteristics and assess challenges and opportunities for market development. The assignment will include the assessment of policy and regulatory environment for efficient electric cooking development, demand and supply side analysis, and recommend an inventory of efficient cooking appliances suitable for grid and mini-grid in Myanmar and business models to meet local demand.

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eC2: Service Contract to support preparation of the Zambia Clean Cooking and Heating component

Deadline: 17-Feb-2020 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

The World Bank is looking to hire a company for a service contract and testing of cookstovescookstove use in Zambia. The findings will feed into the development of the project component. The service contract will include a Stove User Testing and a Market Analysis to ensure that the cookstove change promoted as part of the World Bank project offers a true value proposition to potential consumers and assess how it best fits within the Zambian market. To assess cookstove efficiency, particulate matter (PM) emissions, carbon monoxide (CO) emissions, durability, and safety, cookstoves are tested and certified in labs using a set of standardized ISO protocols. However, such lab tests have no bearing on the actual efficiency of the stove when used in the household achieved by users cooking with them. In addition, it yields no results on potential fuel and cash savings or stove acceptance.
The objective of the Stove User Testing is to produce a comparative analysis of cookstoves currently in use.

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eC2:Market Test of Clean Cookstoves in Turkana County

Deadline: 27-Feb-2017 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)cookstoves

The objective of this assignment is to carry out a field-based Market Test of Clean Cookstoves in Turkana County to gather information on the efficiency and fuel savings; consumer preferences; and durability under actual use of a set of 5 to 6 short-listed stoves. The results will help understand (a) the value proposition stove models present to households, including the price consumers are prepared to pay as indication of stove desirability and (b) durability and performance of shortlisted stoves in actual use.

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NL4WorldBank Webinar: Cookstoves

The World Bank Team at the cookstovesNetherlands embassy, in collaboration with the World Bank and RVO, will be organizing a webinar on cookstoves in late September. The purpose of the webinar is to inform Dutch organizations in the field of cookstoves of the medium- to long-term strategy of the World Bank with regards to cookstoves, and to discuss their thinking on the way forward. In turn, Dutch organizations will be able to provide input and advice on best practices and latest developments to ensure that the World Bank is fully up to speed when rolling out new initiatives and projects.

To sign up for this webinar, please send an email to the World Bank Team so we can keep you updated regarding date, time and logistical information. The ultimate aim of this webinar is to create a win-win-win, with improved projects for the World Bank, better opportunities for Dutch organizations to market innovative and state-of-the-art technologies and solutions, and most importantly better development outcomes for borrowing countries. And that is the essence of NL4WorldBank.