eC2: Waterfront Redevelopment Strategy for Thessaloniki

Deadline: 11-Sep-2017 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

The redevelopment strategy will build upon the existing infrastructure and tourism Afbeeldingsresultaat voor waterfront thessaloniki greeceassets in the area, which already draw many international and local visitors, despite lack of uninterrupted pedestrian access, limited amenities and few retail and food and beverage options along the length of the waterfront. The City would like to catalyze the redevelopment of various vacant and/or underutilized sites along the waterfront as a means to achieve social, economic and fiscal benefits. This demonstration project will be used to illustrate how social, fiscal and economic outcomes can be maximized through more coordinated planning and effective investment program prioritization.

The appointment will support the City of Thessaloniki in laying the groundwork for implementation of its vision for transforming the waterfront through:

  • Preparation of a real estate market assessment of the designated area targeted for revitalization;
  • Assess existing conditions of waterfront area targeted for redevelopment
    Identify shared vision, policy objectives, themes
  • Prepare land use plan & investment strategy for downtown waterfront

See full tender here: Waterfront Redevelopment Strategy for Thessaloniki

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Assignment Countries:

  • GR – Greece