eC2: Solomon Islands: Electricity Access Expansion Project

Deadline: 30-Aug-2016 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

Dispersed population across an island archipelago and the poor performance of Solomon solar-energyPower in the past constrained its capacity to expand its grid to main population centers or even in the capital city Honiara. While 45% households have reported to have some form of power supply at home, the majority of these households only have small solar panels, typically of 20W, whereas only 9% have power supply from the grid operated by Solomon Islands Electricity Authority (now trading as Solomon Power).

The World Bank is looking for an Independent Verification Agent (IVA). The objectives of the IVA are to (i) verify that the pre-agreed outputs as defined in Operations Manual (OM) have been delivered and properly documented; (ii) confirm that claimed outputs and beneficiaries are eligible to receive OBA subsidies; (iii) review costs of service connection and household wiring; (iv) recommend reimbursement of OBA subsidy to Solomon Power; and (v) prepare Output Verification Reports and to verify and collect project monitoring data.

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