eConsultant2: Baseline Perception Survey on Competition Policy in Zambia

Deadline: 24-May-2016 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

The World Bank Group (WBG) is providing support to strengthen the effectiveness of promotionalcompetition in Zambia. In line with this support, as well as ongoing support to the CCPC, the World Bank Group (WBG) intends to undertake a baseline perception survey on competition in Zambia. The survey is intended to set a baseline on the perceptions and understanding of competition law and policy by the business community (individual firms and business associations), government officials in charge of market regulation, civil society organizations (CSO), academia and consumers.

It is expected that the survey will provide information on the understanding and awareness of competition policy among key stakeholders on Zambia’s competition legal and regulatory framework to design. This information will be used to design an outreach strategy, communications campaigns and a dialogue platform on competition policy.

Specifically, from the perspective of stakeholders, the baseline survey should provide information on:

  • Stakeholders understanding of competition issues, competition law and competition policy in general;
  • Consumer behavior and attitudes towards competition, knowledge of consumer protection rules, and awareness of competition law;
  • Stakeholders awareness of and perceptions towards CCPCs role;
  • Business communities awareness of the competition law, regulations and guidelines, what constitutes an infringement, and what are the incentives to comply with the law;
  • Stakeholders interest on collaborating with CCPC and supporting the competition policy agenda.

It is expected that the information from the baseline survey will enable more targeted and effective outreach and communication strategies for stakeholders. These outreach and communication strategies will be expected to: (i) promote compliance with competition law and policies among private sector; (ii) deter prohibited anti-competitive conducts; (iii) allow for better collaboration with sector regulators on design of pro-competitive regulations; and, (iv) raise awareness and improve perceptions of CCPC among stakeholders.

In relation to competition in Zambia, and in support of the expected outcomes, the consultant(s) is expected to design and undertake a comprehensive baseline perception survey on competition in Zambia. The target groups for the survey are: (i) consumers; (ii) private sector (small, medium and large); (iii) Government officials/sector regulator; (iv) law firms; professional/trade/business Associations; and, (v) civil society/consumer advocacy groups.

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