Egypt – Sustainable Rural Sanitation Services Program-for-Results

In two weeks, the World Bank Board of Directors will be discussing the Egypt Sustainable Rural Sanitation Services project. This project, financed under Program-for-Results financing, is expected to be accepted by the Board and involves a total of $1.25 billion, of which $550 million is provided by the World Bank, $170 million is provided by the Government of Egypt, and $530 million is provided by other donors.

The objective of the Sustainable Rural Sanitation Services project is to strengthen institutions and policies for increasing access and improving rural sanitation services in the Governorates of Beheira, Dakahliya, and Sharkiya in Egypt.

There are three results areas under this objective:

1. Improved Sanitation Access – About 167,000 new households (about 833,000 people) connected to working sanitation systems in villages and satellites in the three governorates in the Program area.

2. Improved Operational Systems and Practices of WSCs – Improved capacity, investment planning, operations and general service delivery of each of the three participating WSCs (Beheira, Dakahliya, and Sharkiya).

3. Strengthened National Sector Framework – Improved enabling environment for more sustainable rural sanitation services.

The project is partly supported by the Dutch-funded Water Sanitation Program (WSP), which provides $3.5 million for technical support of the project.

Contact the World Bank Liaison officers for more information about this project.