Baseline Data Collection for Cereals Projects

IFC is conducting an evaluation of two projects supporting smallholder cereals farmers in Rwanda. IFC would like to collect baseline data about the farmers who will benefit from the planned projects, as well as similar famers who are outside of the current scope of the projects. IFC plans to track changes over time between the two groups of farmers (expected beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries).

The assignment is to help IFC staff finalize the baseline survey instrument and other data collection tools, collect baseline data, complete data entry, and provide baseline cleaned data files.

Ideally, the selected firm should have expertise/experience in: quantative and qualitative data collection methods for agriculture, rural development, and agribusiness supply chains; administering surveys, interviews and Focus Group Discussions in rural communities; and, East Africa and particularly Rwanda.
See full tender here: Baseline Data Collection for Cereals Projects – Rwanda

Expression of Interest Deadline: 04 March 2015