World Bank tenders

Ever wondered where you can find World Bank project tenders?

The two sources provided by the World Bank are e-Consultant2 for all the corporate procurement tenders, and the World Bank project page for country executed projects.
Other sources that can be used to find tenders are Devex, Devbusiness and dgMarket. These are independently run websites that provide a clear overview of the available tenders of almost all the IFI’s, not necessarily only the World Bank.

tender alertAutomated tender notifications

An advantage of using these services is that they all provide tender notifications, a service the World Bank does not provide as of yet. Tender notifications are useful because it keeps your company up to date on the latest tenders in a specific sector and/or country.

Devex and Devbusiness are paid sources which provide multiple services. They not only provide tender notifications and tender descriptions but also country and sector specific analysis/news as well as a helpdesk. Please visit the respective websites for more information.

Dgmarket provides you with free tender notifications but does not offer the other tools and information Devex and Devbusiness do.
We believe the other sources can be useful tools to keep track and stay updated on the latest tenders in your sector or country specific focus.

World Bank Sources

Free Source

Paid Sources

Neither the Royal Netherlands Embassy nor the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency either recommend or are in relation to the websites mentioned above.