Do’s and Dont’s

1. Make use of the services provided by the Dutch government: World Bank liaisons

2. Elevator pitch (different from Sales Pitch, which is a don’t!)

3. Schedule a follow up (in person, by phone or by e-mail)do

4. Gain knowledge on project procedures and guidelines documents/cycles

5. Research speaker(s): the World Bank is a multicultural environment.

6. Identify specific interests, purpose and deliverables for your visit

7. Ask questions


1. Make a sales pitch / sell products

2. Expect contracts and/or donations on the spotdont

3. Be general about intentions and interests

4. Expect quick wins; working with the World Bank takes patience and endurance

5. Cancel meetings last minute

6. Come to the meeting without knowledge of the World Bank (and its structure)

7. Distribute handouts (send an email with attachment afterwards instead)


If you have any questions or need advice to prepare for your meeting(s) please contact the World Bank Liaison officers at the Netherlands embassy here