Introducing the new representative at the Inter-American Development Bank: Jesse Willem d’Anjou

On September 12, Jesse Willem d’Anjou started as Counselor at the Board of the Inter-d' Anjou Jesse Willem JESSED@IADB.ORGAmerican Development Bank, having previously held the position of senior policy officer at the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs since February 2019. 

“My surf explorations in many parts of the world after finishing secondary school opened my eyes with regards to the unequal distribution of assets and opportunities, among people as well as countries. Reorienting (global) financial flows only marginally or structuring them differently, public and private, can have massive effects in this respect. This is what I have passionately focused on throughout my career in the private, academic and public sector. Development finance can play a critical role for many of the current global challenges we face, climate change, but also rising inequalities, migration, food security and even wars. However, only if organized effectively and in partnership with others, all stakeholders in their own role whereby everybody gains.”     

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